Anne Kiefaber

Anne Kiefaber is an accomplished artist who finds joy in painting nature. Working in both oils and pastels, she loves to go painting outside trying to capture the evanescent light of the outdoors. A portrait painter as well, she finds great satisfaction in painting the face and the figure in all its different expressions and aspects. Ms. Kiefaber is a teacher as well and has been holding classes in her studio for two decades, teaching both children and adults. She loves to see the potential emerge in her students and the many wonderful “A HA” moments in their development. Many of her students go on to prestigious art colleges and to exhibit in galleries on their own.

A native of Baltimore, Maryland, she attended the Schuler School of Fine Arts, and later spent close to two years in Paris, working in an art gallery as well as taking classes at the Louvre Evening School and the Ecole Montparnasse. To further her skills, she has taken workshops with noted portraitists Daniel Greene and Luana Luconi Winner and landscape painters like Larry Blovitz and Greg Biolchini.